Samuel Urrutia, MD

LMIC Fellow, VECD 2016-17

Home Institution: Hospital Regional de Occidente, Honduras
Fellowship Site: Hospital Regional de Occidente, Honduras
Research Topic: Cancer Screening, mHealth

Dr. Urrutia will spend his fellowship year at Hospital Regional de Occidente (HRO) in Santa Rosa de Copán under the mentorship of Douglas Morgan, MD, MPH and Ricardo Dominguez, MD. His research will focus on strengthening an existing gastric cancer re-search platform in Western Honduras: Building capacity surrounding cancer screening and mHealth technology.

Dr. Urrutia completed his medical program in Honduras with honors. He has co-authored national research including intestinal parasitology and its public health impact. He is co-founder to several student-based university educational programs and he directed the patho-physiology and pharmacology student laboratory for two years. He is currently pursuing an international career involving internal medicine, cancer, and public health.