VUMC investigators attend RePORT-International Annual Meeting

VUMC investigators and staff, Timothy Sterling, Yuri van der Heijden, Stephany Duda, Marina Figueiredo, Fernanda Mauri, Megan Turner, and Austin Katona; attended the annual RePORT International meeting that was held in Cape Town, South Africa, September 7 and 8, 2022. The meeting included all seven regions of RePORT: Brazil, China, South Africa, South Korea, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines. It was a successful meeting full of presentations and collaborative discussions.

The purpose of Regional Prospective Observational Research for Tuberculosis (RePORT) International is to advance regional tuberculosis (TB) science that is also relevant in a global context; strengthen TB research capacity and infrastructure in high TB burden settings; and serve as an entity to foster research collaboration within each country and internationally, with the aim of carrying out a wide range of basic and clinical research that can lead to clinically important TB biomarkers, vaccines, drugs, and diagnostics.  Many of the RePORT consortia include explicit partnerships with U.S. TB scientists to facilitate capacity-building and cross-fertilization of ideas.