RePORT-Brazil in the Spotlight - Discoveries in Medicine

Published on July 12, 2023 in Discoveries in Medicine, Research into TB Expands Internationally, is based off of an interview with Timothy R. Sterling, M.D., professor of medicine and director of the Vanderbilt Tuberculosis Center, who serves as co-principal investigator for the Regional Prospective Observational Research in Tuberculosis (RePORT)-Brazil network. The article focuses on the top areas of concern, the role of the network in TB research, and a vision of the future for the field.


Here's an excerpt from the article:

Brazil became a focus for study when the World Health Organization identified the country’s caseload as high-burden.... “RePORT’s goal is to follow participants in a harmonized way in different countries so that we can evaluate what research findings are or are not generalizable,” Sterling said. “For example, if a biomarker identified in Brazil predicted patients who are likely to progress to TB, we would want to verify whether that applies as well in South Africa or China or India.”


You can read the full article here