Dr. C. Robert Horsburgh visits Vanderbilt, presents at Clinical TB Symposium

Dr. Robert Horsburgh, from the Boston University School of Public Health, visited Vanderbilt March 29-31, 2016 to meet with faculty and staff and present the keynote lecture at the 2016 Clinical Tuberculosis Symposium: an Update on Treatment and Prevention.

Dr. Horsburgh met with Dr. Tim Sterling and junior faculty about ongoing projects, including the Tuberculosis Trials Consortium Phase II  MDR-TB Fluoroquinolone Optimization Study (Opti-Q). He also met with friend and colleague Dr. Sten Vermund, Director for the Institute for Global Health.

Dr. Horsburgh's keynote presentation at the Clinical TB Symposium, "Epidemiology, Treatment, and Prevention of MDR-TB" was well received and gave new perspectives on the global impact of MDR-TB and best practices for treatment and prevention.