NIAID June 2020 Council-Approved Concepts, DMID

Concepts represent early planning stages for program announcements, requests for applications, notices of special interest, or solicitations for Council's input. 

Request for Applications—proposed FY 2022 initiative

Understanding the Role of the M. Tuberculosis Granuloma in Tuberculosis (TB) Disease and Treatment Outcomes

Objective: To support research to better define the role of the granuloma, the hallmark structure of pulmonary tuberculosis (TB), in TB disease and disease outcomes. Improved understanding of the granuloma will provide a much-needed knowledge base for developing improved drugs, including host-directed therapies.

Contact: Karen Lacourciere

Tuberculosis Research Advancement Centers (TRACs)

Objective: To foster, support, and elevate multidisciplinary tuberculosis (TB) research and provide exceptional mentorship to early-career investigators at institutions with a concentration of TB researchers and a minimum TB funded research base (FRB).

Contact: Lakshmi Ramachandra

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