Online treatment decision-making tool

CEASAR data has faciliated the development of an online decision-making tool predicting quality of life outcomes for active surveillance, external beam radiation therapy, and radical prostatectomy at 1-year, 3-years, and 5-years post-treatment.

In this tool, patients will input their age, race, PSA, Gleason score, and rate their current health status before completing a series of questions regarding their current bowel, hormonal, sexual, and urinary function.

Quality of life outcomes predictions are then made for the patient for active surveillance, external beam radiation therapy, and radical prostatectomy in five domains:

     • Bowel function
     • Hormonal function
     • Sexual function
     • Urinary incontinence
     • Urinary irritation

The beta version of this tool is available at:

Disclaimer: Results provided by this tool are for informational purposes only and do not aim to substitute professional counseling and medical advice. This tool aims to add information to aid in counseling when having a discussion between the healthcare provider and patient. This tool does not aim to replace that conversation. All results serve as an estimation and must be understood in the context of each patients' specific conditions and preferences. We do not accept any liability for any errors in the model prediction and/or outcomes. This tool is not yet approved or recommended by any national or expert regulatory authority. 


Predictive Model