Shadow a Perfusionist

Shadowing offers the applicant the ability to submerge themselves into the clinical setting of the clinical perfusionist.  An applicant may wish to shadow more than one case to gain a better understanding of the role of a clinical perfusionist.   During their shadowing experience, an applicant should gain information about the profession with regards to the time requirements, responsibilities, and stresses of a clinical perfusionist.  The Admission Committee requires all applicants of the VUMC Perfusion Program to shadow a clinical perfusionist at least once.  The application process requires the shadowing form to be completed and returned with the application information. An applicant should be prepared to discuss their shadowing experience with the Admission Committee if he/she is invited for an interview and campus tour. PLEASE NOTE: You are NOT REQUIRED TO SHADOW AT VANDERBILT. Be sure to check into shadowing opportunities at your local hospital.

The Vanderbilt Observation Experience (VOE) is currently CLOSED and is not accepting applications for students to visit campus and shadow cases. An update will be posted here as soon as it opens back up.

How to Shadow a Perfusionist at VUMC


NAME AND CONTACT INFORMATION OF THE PROFESSIONAL YOU WISH TO OBSERVE: Contact the Perfusion Program director Dawn Oles to be paired with a perfusionist. You must submit all of your required information 2 weeks prior to observing. Inform Dawn as soon as possible if you plan to shadow so she can submit the completed forms to the physician prior to your attendance in the operating room.

Steps to participate in the VUMC Observational Experience:

  1. SUBMIT ONLINE APPLICATION NOTE: Applications must be received at least 30 days prior to your requested observation experience start date. 
  2. After your VOE application is processed and approved, you will receive an email with authorization and instructions for beginning your observation. You will receive this information one week prior to your observation start date.
  3. Individuals participating in an observational experience will receive an indentification badge with the student special/observer category designation.  At the conclusion of an observational experience the badge must be turned into the badge office or to your designated Vanderbilt host to be destroyed.

For questions regarding observing in the OR, please e-mail