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Patient and Professional Advocacy Impact - Vanderbilt Health CPPA

CPPA goals are to maintain a never-ending focus and curiosity on how best to support individual professionals, professionals-in-training and their leaders in pursuit of quality, high reliability, safety and respect for patients, families, and fellow team members.

Center personnel focus on:

Expanding our understanding of the impact of disrespect on team performance and outcomes.

Developing best practices for responding to in-the-moment slips in professionalism that occur in stressful work environments.

Creating programs designed to identify, share feedback, and support individuals who model patterns of unprofessional behavior that may threaten team performance.

Equipping leaders with tools to address individuals who will not or cannot respond to awareness interventions and whose behavior and performance threaten outcomes.

Measuring the impact of CPPA programs whenever and wherever applied.


Vanderbilt Health Center for Patient and Professional Advocacy

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