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Our Stakeholders, Technology, and Clinical Research Network (CRN), with data on over 12M patients, includes academic health centers, community hospitals and a range of outpatient practices including primary care, specialty practices and safety net facilities that serve diverse populations. Through this network, we have access to a broad array of clinical data, informatics tools, patients, providers, and systems to address an array of research questions. The objective of our CRN is to robustly support comparative effectiveness studies, pragmatic clinical trials, health system innovation, and the other research needs of our stakeholders and partners. Our network is particularly focused on research to improve health in the southern United States which has the highest rates of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, and other conditions, as well as significant disparities in health status and health care delivery. To learn more about this research, please visit the STAR CRN website.


The objective of the Greenlight Intervention Study is to assess the effectiveness of a low-literacy, primary-care intervention on the reduction of early childhood obesity.  At 4 primary-care pediatric residency training sites across the US, 865 English and Spanish speaking infant-parent dyads were enrolled at the 2-month well-child checkup to be followed through the 24-month well-child checkup.