Our Mission

The Institute for Medicine and Public Health at Vanderbilt exists to connect research and teaching with policy and practical solutions. We are charged with re-imagining and amplifying collaborations among faculty, trainees, students, and the broader community affiliated with Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The Institute reaches across the state, nation, and the global community to translate knowledge into better health. 

Our goals are to:

  • Improve health outcomes for people, including reduction of morbidity and premature mortality, restoration to normal or improvement in biological processes, and satisfaction with health services.
  • Improve the quality of public and personal health services so they are safe, timely, effective, patient-centered, equitable and efficient.
  • Discover, create and evaluate new content of healthcare delivery, including more effective, efficient and compassionate methods for risk assessment, disease prevention, diagnosis, therapy and prognosis.
  • Design, implement and evaluate new structures of high quality public and personal healthcare systems, including federal, state and professional policies; payment systems, and organizational systems of healthcare delivery.
  • Design, implement and evaluate new, effective, efficient, and compassionate processes of healthcare delivery - the methods of delivering the content of care within the structure of care.
  • Understand and improve the impact of human and organizational behavior on the optimization of public and personal health.
  • Develop and implement educational and training programs that will provide a new generation of scholars and leaders in the science and management of public and personal health and healthcare delivery.