The Vanderbilt University Program of LGBTQ Health Community Advisory Board (CAB) consists of individuals within Nashville and the surrounding area to assist program staff in the review of current and future programs and clinical services, policies, and community outreach. The role of the CAB is advisory, to provide feedback, voice community impact, and provide suggestions for improvement for current program operations, clinical services, policies, and community outreach. Additionally, the CAB will provide guidance for programs, clinical services, policies, and community outreach efforts that are in the planning and implementation phases of development.

Below are the names of our current CAB membership and their individual terms of service:

Community Advisory Board (CAB) 2018.jpg

Front row: Becca Groner (2 yrs), Oliver Graves(3 yrs), Carol Bapty (any), Heather Gee-Thomas (2 yrs), Jake Ramsey (3 yrs).

Back row: Kelly Houske (3 yrs), Leigh Anne Gregory (3 yrs), Nicolas Curtis (1 yr), Brian Mautz (2 yrs), Dr. Mario Lehenbauer-Baum (any).

Not pictured:

Eydie Cloyd (1 yr)

Christiane Davis (3 yrs)

Adam Dockery (1 yr)

Oliver Flowers Gallet (2 yrs)