Camp T.A.L.K.S.

Camp T.A.L.K.S: Talking and Learning with Kids who Stutter

June 2-6, 2025

Camp TALKS at the Bill Wilkerson Center is a week-long day camp for children and teens who stutter (8-16) and their families. Camp runs the first full week of June. It is an opportunity to meet and interact in an environment that is accepting, supportive, positive, and fun.

Camp TALKS' mission is to empower children and teens who stutter to become confident communicators by developing understanding and acceptance of their stuttering, tools for improving communication, and self-advocacy skills for educating others in the community about stuttering, in a supportive, interactive, and enjoyable Summer camp venue, with parental involvement.  

Parents and family meet Monday morning and Friday afternoon, the week of Camp. They will meet to discuss stuttering, share their stories, and talk about how to better support their children's journeys with their stuttering. 

Our goal is to help children and teens who stutter become more confident communicators who can communicate how, where, when, and with whom they want!

  • Your donation to Camp TALKS will help provide scholarships and supplies for our camp. 

    Donation levels:

    $25 morning/afternoon snack
    $50 art supplies
    $100 bowling day
    $250 half scholarship
    $500 full scholarship





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Comments from campers

  • "I will stop avoiding talking to people because of my stuttering."
  • "I liked that I was with a group of kids who also stutter and understand what I go through."
  • "I want to communicate now."
  • "There are a lot of people who stutter. I shouldn't be scared to talk."
  • "I will raise my hand more in class. "
  • "I will keep going no matter what."
  • "I will tell others I stutter instead of hiding it."
  • "I learned that it's okay to meet new people. I met lots of new friends."
  • "Stuttering camp is fun!

Comments from parents

  • "My son has gained confidence I didn't know was possible. His willingness to own being a person with a stutter and accept himself made me thrilled."
  • "I learned to be patient."
  • "I learned a lot from sharing with other parents who are going through what I am going through."
  • "My son didn't complain about going to camp after the first day and shared some of the things he did in camp without me asking about it."
  • "Watching my child during the student play I realized she was okay and confident."
  • "What I liked best about camp was the excitement seen in my child looking forward to it daily."