Our Mission

The VUMC Office of Legal Affairs is the principal legal advisor to VUMC and is responsible for managing all legal affairs of VUMC and its subsidiaries. The Office of Legal Affairs supports VUMC’s Mission by helping assure that VUMC’s business affairs are carried out in compliance with ethical standards and existing laws and regulations, and in a way that avoids or mitigates unnecessary exposure to business and reputational risk.

The Office of Legal Affairs strives to respond quickly and efficiently to requests for legal advice, strategic business advice and service. We are dedicated to excellence in legal representation of VUMC. When engagement of outside counsel is required, the Office of Legal Affairs retains high-quality, effective representation and supervises the work of outside counsel to assure both cost-effectiveness and quality of service.




  • The Office of Legal Affairs does not provide legal advice or representation on Vanderbilt University matters (Please contact the Vanderbilt University Office of General Counsel at https://www.vanderbilt.edu/generalcounsel/ or 615.322.5155).
  • The Office of Legal Affairs does not handle medical professional liability claims and litigation. For assistance with such matters, please contact the Risk and Insurance Management or 615.936.0660.   
  • Attorneys in the Office of Legal Affairs do not advise or represent individual employees of VUMC in matters of a personal nature such as bankruptcy, divorce, adoption, estate planning and landlord tenant issues.