Legal Service Request (Xakia)




The Office of Legal Affairs (OLA) strives to respond quickly and efficiently to requests for legal advice, strategic business advice and service. We are dedicated to excellence in legal representation of VUMC.  We request that you submit Legal Service Requests (LSR) electronically through the VUMC OLA Portal intake system by pressing this button:





  • This short video will orient you to the VUMC OLA Portal intake system: Training Video for submitting LSRs via VUMC OLA Portal.
    • Use the following browsers for optimal performance:  Chrome, EDGE, or Firefox.  Please ensure to clear your cache.
    • Access to the LSR forms may only be made via the VUMC OLA Portal intake system.
    • The LSR forms are grouped by topic in the VUMC OLA Portal intake system.
  • For additional instructions please review the FAQ section within the VUMC OLA Portal intake system. 
  • Please note that you will not need an account with Xakia (vendor) to use OLA's electronic intake system.  You sign into the system with your VUMC credentials. 
  • In the event you require further assistance with access to the VUMC OLA Portal intake system, please contact
  • If you need assistance with the functionality of the VUMC OLA Portal intake system,  please contact
  •  If you have questions about completing the LSR form, please contact the OLA representative with whom you work. Contact information for OLA representatives is here .
  • Click here for screen shot illustrations of the New VUMC OLA Portal intake system.//general-counsel/sites/default/files/VUMC%20OLA%20PORTAL%20Quick%20Ref%20Guide%20Final.pdf

Thank you for requesting service from OLA.