Hospital Acquired Conditions: Pressure Injuries (PIs)

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Pressure Injuries (PI)

What is a pressure injury (PI)?

A pressure injury (PI) happens when areas of the skin don't get enough blood flow.

What are we doing to prevent PIs?

Our hospital uses prevention bundles that combine multiple evidence-based best practices to prevent PIs.

Download our PI bundle here.

How are we measuring?

We use a checklist known as a k-card to test or audit how well we perform to our prevention bundle standards. Unit leaders, safety coaches and hospital executives use these cards to guide staff interviews, provide real time education and identify barriers to compliance.

How can patients and families partner with us?

There is no such thing as "too safe" so please partner with us to provide the best and safest care possible.

  • Help make sure that the patient changes positions at least every 2 hours - even small movements can make a big difference.

PI kcard

Download the PI k-card pdf here