Clinical Practice Guidelines: Musculoskeletal Infection



Musculoskeletal Infection CPG Supporting Evidence

Musculoskeletal infections (MSKI) are a common cause of pediatric hospitalization and prolonged antibiotic use.  This clinical practice guideline was developed with the goals of optimizing therapy by increasing the likelihood of organism identification and susceptibility testing, decreasing cost by avoiding unnecessary studies and hospital days and ensuring evidence-based care when relevant data exist.

MSKI guideline team

  • Contacts:  Sophie Katz, Infectious Diseases and Jeffrey Martus, Orthopedic Surgery
  • Steven Barron Frazier, Emergency Medicine
  • Michelle Walsh, Emergency Medicine
  • Alison Carroll, Hospital Medicine
  • My-Linh Ngo, Hospital Medicine
  • Ritu Banerjee, Infectious Diseases


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