Clinical Practice Guidelines: Community-Acquired Pneumonia



Pneumonia is an acute infection of the lower airways caused by both viruses and bacteria. It is one of the most common reasons for childhood hospitalization in the U.S. and the leading killer of children under five worldwide. The guidelines presented here reflect recommendations from the 2011 Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society/Infectious Disease Society of America Consensus Guidelines for the Management of Community-acquired Pneumonia in Children three months to 18 years. They were developed with the express intent of optimizing patient outcomes through the provision of care that is evidence-based and of the highest quality.

Community-acquired pneumonia guidelines team

  • Contact: Derek Williams, Hospital Mediicine
  • Mary-Margaret Fill, Medicine/Pediatrics Resident
  • Nicholas Higby, Emergency Medicine
  • Brian Bridges, Critical Care
  • Kathryn Edwards, Infectious Diseases
  • Rebekah Brown, Pulmonary
  • Ashley Chadha, Pulmonary
  • Robert Lillard, Community Pediatrics
  • Aubaine Woods, Community Pediatrics
  • Alanna Patsiokas, Pediatrics Resident
  • Tim Edison, Community Pediatrics
  • Melissa Gervase, Pharmacy