Clinical Practice Guidelines: Bronchiolitis




Bronchiolitis CPG Supporting Evidence

Bronchiolitis is a major seasonal cause of illness and hospitalization in infants and children under two. Despite the evidence that treatment largely remains supportive, significant variability in treatment and use of health care resources remain. With the introduction of a clinical practice guideline, our hope is to reduce variability and resource use without adversely affecting quality of care for a generally self-limited disease that affects millions of children annually, and for which the mainstay of treatment remains supportive.

Oxygenation, hospitalization, airway clearance, and nutritional support as needed are often necessary in the hospitalized infant. The benefits of routine chest radiograms and antibiotics are unsupported. In addition, strong evidence of benefit from the routine use of bronchodilators, corticosteroids, and hypertonic saline remain inconclusive. With implementation of a guideline, we hope to reduce use of bronchodilators, corticosteroids, and nebulized hypertonic saline without adversely affecting outcomes or increasing length of stay (LOS).

Bronchiolitis guideline team

  • Contact: Gregory Plemmons, Hospital Medicine
  • Kristen Crossman, Emergency Medicine
  • Elizabeth Randolph, General Pediatrics
  • Jeffrey Gardner, Respiratory Therapy
  • Heather Johnson