Clinical Practice Guidelines: Asthma



Asthma is the most common chronic disease of childhood, and asthma exacerbations are the most frequent cause of hospitalization. There have been long-standing national guidelines that have focused on outpatient asthma management. Most institutions have algorithms that guide the use and weaning of bronchodilators. We assembled a multi-disciplinary team in an effort to standardize care across the emergency department and inpatient units, including the intensive care unit.

Key features of this Asthma CPG include the use of the new Acute Asthma Severity scoring system (AAIRS), developed and validated at Vanderbilt. The use of a standardized scoring system is essential to ensuring continuity of care as assessments by multiple providers in different units guide treatment. Decadron, which has a longer half-life than other commonly used oral preparations, is used in the hope to reduce return visits to the emergency department. We have also placed significant emphasis on the use of the Asthma Action Plan as a “living” document, completed by the admitting resident and providing the basis for asthma education throughout hospitalization.

Asthma guidelines feedback form

Asthma guideline team

  • Contact: Paul Moore, Pulmonary
  • Don Arnold, Emergency Medicine
  • Daniel Barrett, Critical Care
  • Greta Fowinkle, Case Management
  • Jeffrey Gardner, Respiratory Therapy
  • Jim Gay, General Pediatrics
  • Melissa Gervase, Pharmacy
  • Rosemary Hunter, General Pediatrics
  • Dave Johnson, Hospital Medicine
  • Kathy Moss, Nursing
  • Michael O’Connor, Pulmonary Fellow
  • Pat Throop, Quality Consultant
  • Jenny Slayton, Quality Improvement