ACTIV-2 Study Treatment

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What treatment might I get?


Different medicines may be tested during the study at the same time.

The ACTIV-2 Study is testing different investigational medicines to see if they are safe and can help adults with COVID-19 get better.

The investigational medicines that researchers believe are most likely to help people with COVID-19 will be tested in this study.

One type of investigational medicine you might receive in the study is a monoclonal antibody. Antibodies are naturally made by your body to help fight disease. Monoclonal antibodies are made in the laboratory and help your body attack invaders, such as viruses, to keep them from entering your cells.

If you decide to join, you would be given information about the medicines currently being tested.


Forms of Medicine

Medicines come in all different forms:


medicine bottle with pills

Pills taken by mouth

syringe with medicine

A shot or injection

IV infusion

An infusion, which is given slowly through a needle into a vein

After you are put in a treatment group, the researcher will give you more information about how that study medicine or placebo is given.


All medicines may cause side effects. The study team will also explain any known side effects of the study medicine. Ask the study team any questions that you may have.

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