Candace McNaughton, Ph.D., M.D., M.P.H.

While hypertension is common, affecting more than 30% of adult Americans, very little is known about high blood pressure, its evaluation or treatment, or its long-term clinical import among patients who come to the emergency department for care.  My research focuses on hypertension in the emergency department and the contribution of medication adherence, or taking medications as prescribed, to uncontrolled hypertension. My research webpage can be found here:

Why Vanderbilt?
I completed residency training in emergency medicine, an MPH, and the VA Quality Scholar fellowship here at Vanderbilt, and I am fortunate to continue my research training in this doctoral program.  Vanderbilt combines world class experts across multiple fields, access to a wide range of support for early investigators, and a collaborative environment.

Personal Quote
"Chance favors the prepared mind". - Louis Pasteur