Other Official Logos

Vanderbilt Health

This logo is used on all patient and potential-patient marketing materials. Vanderbilt Health is the abstract umbrella of all the various clinics, programs, services and departments that make up the clinical enterprise of the medical center. It is also the main URL for the patient website, VanderbiltHealth.com.


Academic Logos
For material with content pertaining to academics, either the VU School of Medicine or School of Nursing logo is appropriate. Please note that these logos must always have "Vanderbilt University" present in the logo. There are several variations available, two are shown below. Logos for Vanderbilt University academic areas may be viewed and downloaded from the University graphics standards site.



Square Vanderbilt

This logo signature is acceptable for signage, billboards and other materials that allows only for a square shape, and where using the VUMC or VHealth logos would render them too small to be legible.


Stationery Logo

This logo signature is restricted to official stationery of the Medical Center. All stationery requests must go through Vanderbilt Printing Services.