Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt logo

Referring to the name of the hospital
The hospital name should always be referred to as Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. A second reference made within the same article or on the same page should be Children’s Hospital. The name should never be referenced as an acronym (e.g. VCH, MCJCHAV, etc).

Paper Dolls
The paper dolls icon is a part of the trademarked logo, which consists of all the type and the icon. The paper dolls icon should never be used outside of the logo.

Double Branding
Using two or more logos on the same piece is called double branding. At Children’s Hospital, double branding most often consists of the VUMC oak leaf logo with the Children’s Hospital logo, and is used on stationery, PowerPoint slides, web and internal documents such as memos and report cover sheets. Double branding may also occur with community partners when the Children’s Hospital logo appears with a partner’s logo.

Never combine more than one logo other than the instances listed above. If more than one Vanderbilt logo identity is involved (e.g., Kennedy Center, VICC and Children’s Hospital), the highest umbrella entity is used (Vanderbilt University) and the sub-entities are simply typeset as a list.

Web usage
The approved logo for Web use is the 5-color stacked logo. The logo should remain fixed in the upper left corner of the page on every page within the site. The words ‘Children’s Hospital’ should be no less than one hundred pixels wide (at a screen resolution of 1024x768). Please do not contact outside vendors or create your own website. Contact the Children’s Hospital web manager at for assistance with your website.

Promotional items and clothing
Whenever possible, use the logo on all promotional items and clothing. When space does not allow the logo to be used at its minimum required size, simply typeset the full name of the hospital in any of these fonts: Gill Sans, Archer, Whitney, Trebuchet or Times Roman. Use upper/lowercase and standard letter spacing.

Full-color specifications are below. One- and two-color versions of the logo are also available.


Minimum size and clear space
The logo may not be reproduced smaller than 1.25” wide from the outside of the C in Children’s to the L in Hospital. There must be clear space equal to the height of the paper dolls around the logo.


Off-site clinic names and service lines
Off-site clinics and service lines will no longer be specified as part of the logo.

For questions regarding signage, contact us at

Champ guidelines
Champ’s role is to visually represent the hospital to our most important audience: the children. He is a mascot and may not be used in materials where he is treated as a logo or brand of the hospital. His image should never be used without the logo on the same page. Champ’s image is owned by Children’s Hospital and should not be altered or recreated without permission.

Logo and Champ review process
All materials using the Children’s Hospital logo and/or Champ (brochures, flyers, booklets, promotional materials, etc.) must be approved before production. The Communications and Outreach department at Children’s Hospital reviews materials to ensure they reflect the image standards maintained by the hospital.

Children’s Hospital logos, Champ illustrations and approval for usage are available by emailing

EOE Statement
The following statement must appear on all publications: “Vanderbilt University Medical Center is committed to principles of equal opportunity and affirmative action.”