Vanderbilt University Medical Center licenses marks that contain the word Vanderbilt and certain other marks from Vanderbilt University. As part of the Trademark License Agreement between Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center, the following guidelines must be followed whenever using Vanderbilt University–owned marks. Below is the official logo signature for the Medical Center.

The logo signature is a single unit of identification, composed of the symbol V and wordmark. Various logo signature configurations are available to keep brand identity flexible.


For Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt logo information, click here.

Contact Marketing for official logos. Custom logos are not allowed under the Medical Center's graphic standards. Email design to request an official logo.

The oakleaf V symbol should never be used on its own without the wordmark.

Departments, Centers, Clinics

Departments, centers, institutes, etc, do not have individual logos. The department name may be typeset in either Trebuchet or Whitney Semibold, title case with standard letterspacing. Trebuchet is available freely on most computer systems, Whitney must be purchased.

When combining the department name with the official logo signature, clear space guidelines should be followed.

Use the combined mark only where space is constrained such as on a uniform/shirt or a product such as a pen or mousepad. Otherwise it is assumed that the department's name would be more prominent and the official logo would be more subtly used. For example, on a report cover the department name may serve as a title on the page and the official logo may be smaller at the bottom of the page, or on the back of the document.

Note: Setting the department name near the wordmark does not make a logo and departments and clinics should not use it as such.

In most cases it's not necessary to put the word Vanderbilt in the department or clinic name since Vanderbilt is already part of the official logo.

Here's an example using Trebuchet:


The Vanderbilt Health logo is used on materials that go out to the general public and that promote clinical services.