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  • An organization’s visual identity is a very important part of its marketing, PR and reputation management strategy. After a careful assessment that included national and local consumer research, Vanderbilt leadership decided to adopt a new logo for the medical center and its departments and service lines.

    The new logo aligns with Vanderbilt University’s visual identity. This allows VUMC to blend with the strength of the University's name and identity. It also communicates our vision as “one university” with a collaborative and collegial culture. It also will offer consistency for all parts of the medical center, as opposed to a fragmented approach with many different logos.


  • Over time, the “buzzsaw” or “hubcap” symbol will disappear, and all VUMC-related logos will be replaced by a single logo for all medical center entities.

  • Our research found that neither the VU graphic mark (the oak leaf V) nor the buzzsaw were particularly meaningful to those surveyed. Instead, the brand value was in the name Vanderbilt. However, by a 2-1 margin, consumers linked the oak leaf V with Vanderbilt’s medical center over the buzzsaw. It does not appear that removing that mark will confuse the public, and, in fact, should strengthen our recognition.

  • Right away, but the logo change is a process, not an event. Please use up supplies of materials that have the old logo on them, and update materials when it's time to reorder. It will take as long as 2 years to finish the transition.

  • No. Please save money and resources by using up your old supplies before moving to the new look when you re-order.

  • All stationery must be ordered through VUMC Printing Services. Vanderbilt uses a custom-watermarked paper that is only available through Vanderbilt Printing. The stationery templates for VUMC have been designed to fit within the existing VU system. They may not be customized. Vanderbilt Printing also offers an electronic letterhead.

  • Please visit our VUMC PowerPoint Templates page. There are three official VUMC versions and two official templates for Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt. Do not alter the layout or add type or icons to the header or footer.

  • There should never be more than one logo on any VUMC document or web page. Please contact us if you need help in situations where more than one entity is represented.

  • The signature mark was designed several years ago by a nationally renowned design firm. The serif font for Vanderbilt represents our rich tradition, and the sans serif font for University is contemporary. The fonts have been customized for the wordmark and may not be reproduced by simply typesetting the letters. All official logos must come from VUMC Creative Services.

  • Signage will be one of the last things to be replaced. Because the signage on One Hundred Oaks acts as a public billboard, it was replaced first. Some of the old symbols are etched in concrete; they will remain as part of our history.