About the Logo

A strong brand relies on repeated and consistent use of the brandmark.

These guidelines ensure the Medical Center brand maintains its stature, that all services provided by Vanderbilt may share in the value of the brand, and that all services may contribute to the brand’s value. Please use the guidelines to assist you in the preparation of your communications materials.

Because the logo is the most recognizable element of any corporate communication, it is important that the VUMC logo always be used in a consistent manner.

  • It is important to note that the oakleaf V symbol should never be used on its own without the wordmark.
  • Always use the logo as provided.
  • Do not modify the proportional relationship between elements within the logo. Do not modify the spacing between elements within the logo.
  • Do not reshape the logo. Logos should never be cut and pasted from a website.


For any questions or concerns, you may email design@vumc.org.


Clear Space

In order for a complete signature to have its desired impact and strength it is recommended that a minimum clear space surrounds it. Other graphic elements should not crowd a signature. Placing a signature on a colored background or on a photo or illustration is not an intrusion of the minimum clear space, providing maximum legibility is maintained.

The minimum space is a set measurement determined in each signature and is equal to the height of the V symbol or the paper dolls. The V symbol and paper dolls, and the minimum clear space, will change proportionally as a signature increase and decrease in size.


Logo Signatures

Several signature configurations have been developed to keep the brand identity flexible.

Main Logo
This is the logo for predominant use to represent Vanderbilt University Medical Center on print, web and presentation collateral.


Vanderbilt University Medical Center black logo

The oakleaf V symbol should never be used on its own, without the wordmark.

Stationery Logo
This logo is for use on all official stationery of the Medical Center. All stationery requests must go through University Printing Services.