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  • “Health inequities manifest as disproportionate risk, incidence, morbidity, or mortality.” (Doubeni et al., 2021). For example, “Black adults are more likely than White adults to report certain negative health care experiences, such as a provider not believing them and refusing them a test, treatment, or pain medication they thought they needed.”

    (Ndugga & Artiga 2021)

  • Microaggressions can cause psychological damage, including anxiety and depression because they:

    • Can be easily explained away or dismissed. The person raising the concern gets labeled as “hypersensitive.”
    • Have a cumulative effect. Like getting stung every day by mosquitos, once might be tolerable, but daily occurrences can impact the recipient’s quality of life.
    • Are perpetrated by many different people, therefore exhausting for the recipient to address every time.
    • Are committed by someone who is often not conscious of the fact.


    (Oluo, 2019, p. 169-170)

  • Some examples of microaggressions you might observe are:

    • A transgender patient being referred to by the incorrect pronouns or name.
    • An Asian-American learner being asked where they are really from.
    • A female is asked to take notes in a meeting with male peers.
    • A nurse calls security when a Black patient is upset about his wait time.

    (Miller & Peck, 2020)

  • To be a true ally, you should:

    • Lift others up by advocating,
    • Share growth opportunities with others,
    • Not view venting as a personal attack,
    • Recognize systematic inequalities and realize impact of micro-aggressions,
    • Believe underrepresented people’s experiences, and
    • Most importantly – listen, support, self-reflect & change.

    (Atcheson, 2021)

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