Vietnam National University and Danang Psychiatric Hospital

VECD Fellowship Site Directors: 
Bahr Weiss, PhD (Vanderbilt University)
Lam Trung, MD (Danang Psychiatric Hospital)
Minh Hoang Dang, PhD (Vietnam National University)

Site Contact:
Donna J. Ingles

Site specialties:

  • Mental Health
  • Substance Use

Site Description:

Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU), is the largest multi-disciplinary, higher education, and research organization in Vietnam. VNU has the independent authority to work directly with ministries, governmental bodies, and international organizations. Comprised of approximately 1,400 faculty members and collaborating with the Danang Psychiatric Hospital (DPH), VNU serves as the third largest mental health institution in Vietnam.

Partnered with Vanderbilt University, the organizations have combined resources to conduct mental health research in Vietnam. Most notably, the collaboration resulted in the first clinical psychology program in Vietnam. The ultimate goal of this collaboration is to permanently increase research capacity in Vietnam and to develop culturally appropriate research-based treatments for children’s mental health problems. Prior to this research-oriented partnership, Vietnam had little to no mental health capacity nor awareness about treatments. Within the past decade, fellows at this site have researched and published information to improve the mental health services provided in Vietnam. 

  • Ngoc Tran, MD, PhD, MS 
    Kunmi Sobowale, MDc
    Tam Nguyen, MD