Vietnam National Institute for Cancer Control (NICC)

VECD Fellowship Site Directors: 
Xiao Ou Shu, MD, PhD (Vanderbilt University)
Thuan Tran, MD (NICC)

Site Contact:
Donna J. Ingles

Site Specialties:

  • Breast and Colorectal Cancers

Site Description

In 1984, Vietnam established the country’s first cancer registry to combat the increasing number of cancer cases within the country. Presently, there are 9 cancer registries, which are housed by the Vietnam National Institute for Cancer Control (NICC). NICC is responsible for the development of research on cancer care and carries out a variety of research activities in Hanoi, Vietnam. In order to conduct their research, NICC partners with many international research organizations such as MD Anderson Cancer Center, Korean National Cancer Center, and Vanderbilt University through the VECD Global Health Fellowship. 

Fellows working with the NICC will experience the successful partnership between K Hospital in Hanoi and NICC. Treating more than 17,000 patients each year, K Hospital serves as the largest hospital specializing in oncology in Vietnam. Between K Hospital and the NICC, there are over 800 experienced staff members who are trained in oncological science and/or clinical oncology. Recent fellows at this site worked to conduct a case-control study of pancreatic cancer in Vietnam. Opportunities such as this provide a wealth of opportunities to VECD fellows.