University of the Witwatersrand

Established in 1922 in Johannesburg, the University of Witwatersrand was established with a mission to be a gateway to research engagement and intellectual achievement in Africa. The university is a leading African research intensive, dedicated to engaging in high quality research over a broad set of fields. The University of Witwatersrand has 2 research objectives: to produce increasing amounts of research with impact that changes disciplinary thinking and to offer researchers a secure and stimulating experience. In an attempt to assist in achieving these objectives, the Wits Alliance with Vanderbilt University was formed.

Through the research, training, and educational opportunities that the Wits Alliance provides, fellows are giving opportunities to conduct research in a diverse set of fields. Some of these fields include, but are not limited to Surgery, Infectious Diseases, and Public Health at the University of Witwatersrand.

  • Alysse Kowalski, MPH
    Sara Hanson, MS