University of Cape Town

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The University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa is committed to engaging with key issues of our natural and social worlds through teaching, research, and scholarship. The university’s research acumen is well renowned and was recently ranked the best research university in Africa. UCT firmly believes institutional partnerships are essential for connecting our increasingly internationalized world and for sharing and spreading knowledge and expertise. 

The university’s location makes it a prime place to study many issues facing global health, such as HIV/AIDS. The HIV adult prevalence rate in South Africa is 20.4 percent. This high percentage garners the attention of many global health experts who conduct research at UCT in an attempt to eradicate the HIV/AIDS crisis. Fellows working at UCT will work with Dr. Phillips studying the patterns of engagement and retention of HIV care among pregnant and postpartum women in South Africa. 

  • Tamsin Phillips, PhD, MPH

  • Laura Lewandowski, MD, MS