Mubarakali Janmohamed, MD, MMed

Physician, Lecturer, Weill Bugando Medical College
Fellowship Site: Weill Bugando Medical College, Tanzania
Fellowship Project: Chronic Kidney Disease in Tanzania

My ultimate goal is to pioneer cutting edge medical research in the fields of diabetes and renal disease in East Africa. There are numerous research opportunities in Tanzania in this field and these opportunities are seldom tapped. The personality that has exerted a great positive influence on me in this regard is my tutor and mentor, Dr Robert Peck. He was my mentor during my residency in Internal Medicine and supervised me in my thesis project on the prevalence of CKD among adult diabetic out-patients at Bugando Medical Centre. It was this experience that inculcated in me the interest of further studying diabetes and CKD in our setting. I am currently enrolled into a sandwich PhD program with CUHAS_Bugando and Weill Cornel Medical College. My thesis involves studying the community based prevalence of CKD and its etiologies (including its heritability) in a sub-Saharan African Population.

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