Laura Lewandowski, MD

Fellow, Pediatric Rheumatology & Global Health, Duke University
Fellowship Site: University of Cape Town, South Africa
Fellowship Project: PULSE: Pediatric Update on Lupus in South Africa: Epidemiology and Management

Dr. Laura Lewandowski is a fellow in Pediatric Rheumatology and Global Health at Duke University Medical Center/Duke Global Health Institute. Building on the knowledge that African Americans are often afflicted with severe SLE, Dr. Lewandowski began investigating pediatric SLE in Africa. As a result of the first year of work, Dr. Lewandowski has found that pediatric SLE patients in Africa are younger and present with severe SLE. Through establishing this cohort, she plans to explore the role of race in SLE severity and study how SLE can alter risk for HIV. Through her commitment to improving lives for patients with systemic lupus erythematosus, and dedication to understanding more about the role of race in disease severity through global collaborations, Dr. Lewandowski hopes to pursue a career in clinical research which will lead to better understanding of this debilitating disease and interventions which will impact SLE patients worldwide.

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