Judith Boshe, MD, MMed

LMIC Fellow

Home Institution: Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre
Fellowship Site: Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre
Research Topic: Mental health literacy and well-being for Tanzania youth

Dr. Boshe will spend her fellowship year at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) in Moshi. Her research will focus on promoting mental health literacy and wellbeing for Tanzania youth with mentorship from Monique Hennink, PhD, Dorothy Dow, MD, MSc and Blandina Mmbaga, PhD. Dr. Boshe is the head of the newly established mental health and psychiatry department at KCMC and the only practicing psychiatrist in North Tanzania. She holds a Master of Medicine (MMed) in Psychiatry from the University of Cape town and a fellowship in Psychiatry from the College of Medicine of South Africa. She is experienced in multimodal therapeutic interventions, with ten years of experience in behavioral sciences and biology research. Her research career peak was her work as a research coordinator with the International Center for AIDS Care and Treatment Programs with Columbia University in Tanzania. Since joining KCMC, Dr Boshe has tirelessly worked hard to establish mental health services and strategically complemented her clinical practice with research activities that focus on scaling mental health Judith BOSHE, MD, MMed services and resources.