Emily Herfel, DO

U.S. Fellow

Home Institution: Duke University
Fellowship Site: Family AIDS Care & Education Services
Research Topic: HPV and Cervical Cancer Prevention

Dr. Herfel will spend her fellowship year at Family AIDS Care & Education Services in Kisumu under the mentorship of Megan Huchko, MD, MPH and Nathan Thielman, MD, MPH, Elizabeth Bukusi, MD and Stephen Gwer, MD. Her research will focus on developing, piloting and assessing an educational program that modifies HPV stigma and perceptions, and thereby promotes an increase in HPV and cervical cancer primary and secondary prevention. Dr. Herfel is currently an obstetrician and gynecologist working clinically and completing her Masters of Science in Global Health at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina as part of the Duke Global Health Pathway Fellowship. Her career goals include combining global clinical and research opportunities, as she is passionate about women's health and equality in access to healthcare. Dr. Herfel's global clinical experience has influenced her outlook to contributing to women's health and is expanding her abilities through research training and support.