Alessandra Prioreschi, PhD, MSc

LMIC Fellow

Home Institution: Developmental Pathways for Health Research Unit, South Africa 
Fellowship Site: University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa
Research Topic: Placental phenotypic and physiological markers for fetal growth and delivery outcomes in South Africa

Dr. Prioreschi will spend her fellowship year at the Developmental Pathways for Health Research Unit (DPHRU) in Soweto under the mentorship of Dave Aronoff, MD Shane Norris, PhD, MSc and John Koethe, MD, MS Her research will focus on examining placental markers for fetal growth and delivery outcomes in South Africa, in order to establish the pathways through which maternal behaviours and biology impact infant growth and development. Dr. Prioreschi ultimately aims to develop expertise in the field of maternal and child health, and to develop and evaluate interventions designed to improve health-related behaviors before, during and after pregnancy that will result in improved infant development and health outcomes and trajectories. Dr. Prioreschi recevied her PhD in Physiology (with a focus on exercise), and is particularly interested in how movement behaviours may impact fetal and infant growth, and development. She has thus done significant developmental research in the measurement of methodology and technology to measure infant movement, as well as parent-child interactions; and has received various awards for this work.