Abdullahi Mudi, MBBS, PhD

LMIC Fellow

Home Institution: Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital
Fellowship Site: Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Kano, Nigeria
Research Topic: Screening for chronic kidney disease in school children in Kano, Nigeria

Dr. Mudi will spend his fellowship year at Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital in Kano under the mentorship of Roy Zent, MBBCh, PhD,  and Aliyu Abdu, MBBS, MSc, FMCP. His re-search will focus on screening for chronic kidney disease (CKD) in school children. 

Dr. Mudi completed his training in pediatrics at Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital in 2013. During his training, he became very conscious of the need for capacity building, as so many local health problems such as CKD required further expertise to be managed. This motivated him to do a fellowship in pediatric nephrology in South Africa, which exposed him to better care and service delivery to children with kidney diseases.  

Dr. Mudi is strongly motivated to provide solutions to global health problems through quality research, as evident from his numerous publications in peer reviewed journals and presentations at scientific meetings. He aims to continue to develop effective ways to curb the men-ace of CKD in children. Dr. Mudi also aims to be among the top clinician scientists in Africa can provide an enabling environment for training and mentoring.