Yvetot Joseph, MD

LMIC Fellow

Home Institution: GHESKIO, Haiti
Fellowship Site: GHESKIO, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Research Topic: Immune factors associated with recurrent tuberculosis in HIV-infected patients

Dr. Joseph will spend his fellowship year at the GHESKIO Centers in Port-au-Prince under the mentorship of J. William Pape, MD and Dan FitzGerald, MD. His research will focus on immune factors associated with recurrent tuberculosis in HIV-infected patients.

Dr. Joseph completed medical school at the Université Notre Dame d'Haïti  (2005-2012).  In 2015, he successfully completed the Post-Graduate Training Program (PGTP) in infectious diseases and HIV-AIDS care offered by the Université Notre Dame d'Haïti in collaboration with Maryland University (Baltimore) in Haiti. Since 2015, Dr. Joseph has been working as a Research Physician at GHESKIO Centers, Haiti, where he acquired additional analytical and observational skills.

His vision is to contribute to the improvement of the Haitian health system and collective well-being based on an efficient clinic focused on scientific research, education, leadership, and public health.