Nida Shaikh, MS, RD

PhD Student, Emory University

Fellowship Site: Fellowship Site: B.L.D.E University, Bijapur, India

Research Interests: Child health and malnutrition, cardio-metabolic diseases.

Nida Shaikh is a Registered Dietitian and doctoral student in the Nutrition and Health Sciences program at Emory University. The research during her fellowship would focus on the role of gender differences and home environment in explaining unhealthy weight in adolescents. She is a graduate of Georgia State University, University of Pune, and S.N.D.T. Womens’ University, Mumbai where she completed her Masters’ degrees in Nutrition and Dietetics and undergraduate degree in Foods and Nutrition. Her overall professional goal is dedicated towards establishing a career in child health and nutrition research, specifically in targeting and improving childhood malnutrition.

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