Timothy Love, MD, MPH

General Surgery Resident and Research Fellow, Emory University

Fellowship Site: Addis Ababa University, Myunsung Christian Medical Center, Soddo Christian Hospital, Ethiopia

Research Interests: Reducing non-communicable disease mortality through a multi-level intervention: focus on breast cancer

Dr. Timothy Love is a general surgery resident on a two year research hiatus. He spent the first year pursuing a MPH in global health at the Rollins School of Public Health and will conduct his Fogarty fellowship his second year. Dr. Love seeks to enhance his clinical research expertise by targeting non-communicable diseases that represent rising mortality in low-middle income countries and incorporating surgery into the global health agenda. The research during his fellowship would focus on non-communicable diseases optimally addressed by surgical treatment, specifically breast cancer. This feasibility project will design and implement a multi-level intervention to promote early detection through training health workers in clinical breast exams; evaluate post-surgical outcomes in the centers where he will be working; investigate the application of screening/diagnostic ultrasound in individuals with suspicious findings from the clinical exam; and measure specified endpoints. The fellowship will also support exploration of the interventions’ sustainability through clinical education and health system development.

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