John Stanifer, MD, MSc

Senior Resident, MS Student, Internal Medicine/Global Health Pathway, Duke University

Fellowship Site: The Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College-Duke Collaboration, Tanzania

Research Interests: Chronic kidney disease awareness, screening, and prevention among the general population of the Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania

Dr. Stanifer will spend his fellowship year at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre in Moshi, under the mentorship of Uptal Patel, MD. His research will focus on a cross-sectional survey of the general population for chronic kidney disease screening. He will also be screening for some the common risk factors for this disease, such as diabetes, obesity, and hypertension.

Dr Stanifer’s research interests include understanding the burden of chronic diseases— specifically chronic kidney disease—in sub-Saharan Africa. By participating in the NIH Fogarty Global Health Program, he anticipates gaining the additional research and scientific skills to conduct meaningful and productive investigations in a global health setting. His plans are to initially examine the epidemiology of chronic kidney disease in Tanzania, with the future design of building up to and implementing a prevention strategy across a much broader region. His career goals are to continue work in global health nephrology as an academic physician.

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