Kunmi Sobowale, MDc

Medical Student, University of Chicago

Fellowship Site: Danang Psychiatric Hospital

Research Interests: Barriers to care and their role on effectiveness of task-shifting mental health care in Vietnam

Mr. Sobowale will spend his fellowship year at Danang Psychiatric Hospital in Danang, under the mentorship of Bahr Weiss, PhD. His research will focus on investigating an integrative task-shifting model of depression treatment with primary care physicians, nurses, and community health workers in Vietnam and assessing the effectiveness of this collaborative care model on depressive symptoms and quality of life as well as barriers to care.

Mr. Sobowale is a Doctor of Medicine candidate interested in innovative methods to alleviate the burden of disease of mental illnesses in resource-limited settings worldwide. He has explored access to mental health care in Japan and Hong Kong. Currently, he is exploring unique risk factors for depression and suicide ideation in Chinese medical students and creation of a wellness curriculum. In addition, he has worked on various global health efforts at his medical school and is submitting a paper on predictors of medical students working in global health settings. He plans to continue working in global mental health moving forward.

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