Elizabeth Krebs, MD, MSc

Clinical Associate, Fellow, Global Health/Emergency Medicine, Duke University

Fellowship Site: University Teaching Hospital of Kigali, Rwanda

Research Interests: Improving traumatic brain injury (TBI) outcomes in Rwanda through development of clinical practice guidelines (CPGs)

Dr. Krebs will spend her fellowship year at University Central Hospital of Kigali, Rwanda under the mentorship of Nathan Thielman, MD. Her research will focus on:
1) determining the current state of TBI care in A&E at CHUK, 2) evaluating which factors of this clinical care are associated with worsened morbidity and mortality, and 3) utilizing these findings to facilitate local leadership in structured development of a data-driven CPG to improve care of TBI patients.

Dr. Krebs is a clinical associate in the Division of Emergency Medicine at Duke University. She is interested in designing and implementing sustainable, contextually relevant programs to improve healthcare systems in LMICs. Local direction and a focus on the priorities of the people she serves guides her current and future projects, designed to prevent injuries and improve patient-centered outcomes. Her past experience has built a strong foundation in leadership, collaboration, and project development. Immediately prior to her time at Duke University she served as CEO of a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, leading an effort to educate and study the impact of ultrasound use by physicians in Rwanda.

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