Nebiat Gebreselassie, PhD

Post-doctoral Fellow, Armauer Hansen Research Institute, Addis Ababa

Fellowship Site: Armauer Hansen Research Institute, Ethiopia 
Research Interests:

Immune reconstitution in tuberculosis and HIV disease using antimicrobial treatment with vitamin D and phenylbutyrate

Dr. Gebreselassie will spend her fellowship year at Armauer Hansen Research Institute in Addis Ababa, under the mentorship of Susanna Brighenti, PhD. Her research will focus on determining the effects of antimicrobial treatments (vitamin D and phenylbutyrate) in enhancing innate immune responses in patients infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis or HIV.

Dr. Gebreselassie has a strong interest in infectious disease research because she was raised in one of Africa’s poorest nations (Ethiopia) where she’s had opportunities to personally witness the debilitating effects of several communicable diseases such as HIV and TB. Dr. Gebreselassie’s passion and calling is global health and the problems she cares about the most are communicable-infectious diseases, illiteracy and health inequality in developing countries. Her immediate career goals are to develop systematic methods where immune boosting-nutrition based interventions can be used to increase vaccine/drug effectiveness and decrease communication of diseases.

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