Melissa Burroughs Peña, MD

Fellow, Cardiovascular Medicine, Duke University

Fellowship Site: Universidad Cayetano Heredia, Peru

Research Interests: The cardiovascular impact of household air pollution in semi-urban and rural communities in Puno, Peru

Dr. Burroughs Peña will spend her fellowship year at Universidad Cayetano Heredia in Puno, under the mentorship of Eric Velazquez, MD. Her research will focus on investigating the potential association of chronic exposure to household air pollution with subclinical heart failure.

Dr. Burroughs Peña is a cardiology fellow at Duke University. She studied at Emory University and Harvard Medical School. Her primary research interest is cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment in Latin America and the Caribbean. Her career influences include Partners in Health and the Cuban health system. Dr. Burroughs Peña has experience working in Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Pan American Health Organization. Her past awards include the Emory University Robert C. Woodruff Scholarship and the Harvard University Presidential Scholar Public Service Initiative Award. Dr. Burroughs Peña's ultimate goal is to hold a position of leadership in a health policy organization.

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