June 7, 2012
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April 4, 2012

To help foster the next generation of global health scientists, Fogarty International Center and its partners at the National Institutes of Health are building a network of U.S. academic institutions to provide early-career physicians, veterinarians, dentists and scientists with a significant mentored research experience in a developing country.

About $20.3 million in total will be awarded over the next five years to support 400 early-career health scientists on nearly year-long research fellowships in 27 low- and middle-income countries. The Fogarty Global Health Program for Fellows and Scholars will provide five consortia of academic institutions with about $4 million each over five years, to support the training activities of a total of 20 partner institutions. View the list of awards for the 2012 Fogarty Global Health Program for Fellows and Scholars. In addition to Fogarty, 17 NIH institutes and centers plan to contribute funds to the effort.

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