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The Tanzanian National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) is a governmental research laboratory founded in 1979 with the hope of improving disease management, prevention, and control techniques in Tanzania. As the largest public health research institution in Tanzania, NIMR has conducted medical research in the Mwanza region for the past 40 years. NIMR scientists regularly participate in field work and community-based studies, including large epidemiological studies and clinical trials. The NIMR center in Mwanza works closely with Weill Bugando Medical College and is dedicated to training young investigators and to building research capacity in the Mwanza region. NIMR has 30 senior investigators and a team of experienced laboratory technicians, data managers, and field workers. NIMR is internationally recognized as a center for conducting epidemiologic studies and clinical trials on HIV, sexually transmitted infections, schistosomiasis, and chronic diseases.

Belinda Kweka, MD
Kidola Jeremiah, MD, MPhil, PhD