FAM Network

fam network

The Fellow Alumni Mentoring (FAM) Network is a program for trainees and alumni of the Vanderbilt-Emory-Cornell-Duke (VECD) Fogarty Global Health Fellowship Program and the Fogarty International Clinical Research Fellows and Scholars (FICRS-F) Program interested in being a mentor or mentee. Its goal is to create informal supportive mentoring relationships that can provide dedicated guidance in any area in need of professional support and career development. 

FAM follows a one-on-one mentorship model in which mentors and mentees can opt to be paired on a number of preferences, including field of study, country, career level, gender, and specific expertise. The FAM Network staff will supply online resources to support the mentoring relationship and conduct periodic surveys of participants to enable an iterative process for continued improvement of this program. The FAM Program is in addition to formal VECD mentoring and there is no cost to participate. Mentors are not compensated for their time.  

Why should I join?

Mentoring is a powerful tool to help you achieve personal and professional goals. Both mentors and mentees develop new skills, build their professional networks, and help advance their careers.

What is the time commitment?

All participants commit to a 12-month mentor-mentee pairing, with meetings (virtual or in person) occurring at a frequency agreed upon by the mentor and mentee. Participants can elect to re-enroll at the end of each year.

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  • For more information please contact:

    Donna J. Ingles, MS, MPH
    Senior Program Manager, Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health
    2525 West End Avenue, Suite 725 | Nashville, TN 37203
    Tel: 615.343.3555 | Fax: 615.343.7797