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After conducting a study of Kenya’s healthcare workforce in 2001, Emory University determined that imperative data about healthcare in the country was unavailable. This lack of information seriously impaired the country’s ability to develop effective workforce policy decisions and allocate resources appropriately. This issue prompted Kenyan nursing leaders, the U.S. CDC, and Emory University to partner to create Emory Kenya Health Workforce in 2002. The project’s main goal is to establish electronic health workforce information systems that provide accurate and real-time data for policy, health program planning, and management of Kenya’s human resources for health (HRH). Since its inception, Emory Kenya Health Workforce has developed human resource information systems employed throughout the country, promoted data-driven decision making, expanded its reach with South-to-South learning to assist other countries in the area, and produced multiple publications. Fellows working with Emory Kenya Health Workforce receive an opportunity to strengthen capacity, improve healthcare delivery, explore technology’s role in health, and improve health workforce on both a national and international scale. 

Rosemary Kinuthia, DNP, MPH, FNP