Pre-Pay Nursing Certification Programs for VUMC Nurses

Vanderbilt University Medical Center registered nurses that meet criteria are eligible to receive a hospital code that will be provided for payment of the certification exam fee.

This support is through reimbursement of the initial certification exam fee and re-certification fees as outlined in the VUMC policy below.

Here are are the steps required to receive a hospital code for your certification exam:

  • Meet the requirements for reimbursement for VUMC staff as outlined in policy OP 10-10.49 (login required).
  • The staff member confirms that they meet the requirements for certification or renewal based on the specific certification type. To find eligibility requirements, visit the website for the organization for the specialty certification.
    - AACN
    - ABPANC
    - ANCC
    - BCEN
    - CNOR
    - NCC
    - ONCC
    - PNCB
  • Once confirmed that the staff member meets both the criteria listed in the VUMC policy and the certification or renewal requirements, reimbursement is approved by the department leader.
  • The leader submits a request form.
  • After the request form is submitted, if there is a prepayment code or voucher available, it will be provided.
  • Applicants will need to complete the certifying body's application and collect all requirements for the desired certification/re-certification.
  • if the certifying organization has a pre-payment option ( via voucher or payment code), it is to be used when the certification or renewal application is submitted.
  • If the certifying organization does not have a pre-payment option, the request form still needs to be submitted for tracking purposes. However, the staff member will need to pay the certification or renewal fee with the application and then submit for reimbursement with their receipt through Concur.
  • Once certification or renewal is confirmed, please notify your department leader so that credentials can be updated in the Credentials Application Tracking System (CATS).

Questions?  Contact:
Nursing Education and Professional Development department at